Don't Let the Halloween Ruin your Pipes Feature Photo

One thing you do not think about when carving a cute or terrifying Jack-o-lantern is the havoc is can wreak on your drainpipes and garbage disposals. Pumpkin guts are the poster child for pipe clogging. When thinking about the perfect place to carve a pumpkin without leaving mess, the kitchen sink always comes to mind. It’s a very cleanable surface with a place for the pumpkins guts to go, down the drain. While it might seem like a good idea at the time, you might have to call Restoration Authority over later to fix the water damage it may cause. And we are not the people you should have ringing your doorbell Halloween night.

What Will Pumpkin do to your Plumbing?

First, pumpkin guts will choke a garbage disposal. And any pulp and seeds that get past the disposal will stick to the inside walls of the drainpipes. When the water stops running, the pulp dries and hardens like concrete. That’s right. Kitchen sinks and pumpkins are not a good match. Don’t even think about liquid drain cleaner. In most cases, it is powerless against pumpkin guts. No sir, your household over-the-counter defenses are useless. You’re going to need a professional drain cleaner to power through a pumpkin pulp clog. Even a plumber with all his heavy duty drain cleaning equipment may face a formidable battle to open a drain clogged with pumpkin guts. Oh, and your disposal may never be the same or it may have to be replaced.

How Sticky is Pumpkin Pulp?

In case you haven’t gotten the point, pumpkin pulp is so sticky that we wonder if it isn’t the secret ingredient in super glue. The pulp is so sticky, you could probably use it to patch a fiberglass fender on a Corvette. Yes, it’s that sticky and it hardens that much. Do not let it near your drains, including the toilet. Ever!

While we know that Halloween can be a very fun time, we need to make sure we are celebrating it in a way that doesn’t cause us to lose sleep at night.

Check out these cool Jack-O-Lanterns whose owners did not put the pulp down the drain 😉

Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns may be a thing of the past

Over the years it feels like holidays have become bigger and bigger. With this, people have tried to make unique traditions to celebrate the holidays. A trend that has started is making Jack-O-Lanterns out of many different objects. People make be trying to be trend setter or they just didn’t have time to grab a pumpkin. Some of the more popular objects are oranges, pineapples, and bell peppers. While these new Jack-O-Lanterns are cool, please don’t put their insides down the drain either.

If your in need of water damage repair from all your Halloween activities or something as boring as a pipe bursts, call Restoration Authority today!