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Frozen pipes are one classic sign of winter that you do not want as a homeowner. On an average a quarter of a million Americans have their homes damaged by water pipes freezing and breaking every winter.The total cost of these damages exceeds over $4 billion dollars made in insurance claims every year.1 If you experience water damage to your home due to frozen pipes this process can be confusing, but at Restoration Authority we have our own in-house insurance expert Michael to guide us!

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What should a homeowner do if they find their home flooded from a burst pipe?

If safe, turn off the water main in the basement (ensure there are no issues with water levels above electrical outlets). Before a pipe bursts homeowners should be privy to signs that their pipes are frozen. The first sign of a frozen pipe is reduced or no flow out of a plumbing fixture like your faucet or shower. A frozen pipe will not always crack or burst, so thawing it out slowly is your best course of action.

Do: Turn off the main water valve to the house and leave faucets open

Don’t: Use any open flame to attempt to thaw the pipe.

Do: Let the heat of the house get to the pipe by opening cabinets or crawl space doors.

Don’t: Enter an area that has flooded with live electricity.

Do: Have plenty of patience. Heat and patience are the best two ways to get the pipes to thaw.2

Your responsibility as a policy holder is to begin mitigation to prevent further damage. The first step is stopping the flow of water.

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When should a homeowner call a company like Restoration Authority?

Call us as soon as possible so we can get out to your home right away. This is after you speak to your insurance agent to start the process of mitigation and give them a heads up that you are having your property assessed.


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When should a homeowner call their insurance agent?

You should call your insurance agent immediately. Most home insurance policies cover “sudden and accidental” discharge of water from a plumbing source. Damage from frozen pipes usually qualifies as sudden and accidental. Assuming you use reasonable care to maintain heat in your home and/or shut off your home’s water supply during a period when your house is unoccupied.3 After you have stopped the water you should begin mitigation immediately. This includes soaking as much water as quickly as possible.

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If your home is damaged due to frozen pipes call us at Restoration Authority today. Emergency services available 24/7 (630) 995-3516.