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What is left after a fire in your business or home can be as stressful and damaging as the fire.  One of the results of a fire is soot. Soot removal is very important after a fire.  The word “soot” sounds simple and harmless. It might conjure up memories of campfires and candles, or of Dick VanDyke dancing around the streets of London. However, soot is not simple nor harmless.

What is soot?

Soot is fine black particles- mainly made up of carbon. It is produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels. Soot can consist of acids, chemicals, metals, soils, and dust. Soot particles are extremely small – 2.5 micrometers or smaller in diameter. This is smaller than dust and mold and is about 1/30 the diameter of a human hair.

Soot can cover virtually every inch of your business or home. Professional smoke damage restoration, odor removal and soot removal is necessary to properly clean your facility or home and restore it to a healthy condition for you, your employees, and your family. When Restoration Authority removes soot from business or homes, we clean the ash residue that builds up on surfaces before it continues to spread and remove the troubling reminders of soot. Since smoke and soot are highly acidic, they can damage a wide range of materials they come in contact with.

Why should I get professional soot removal?

This amount of smoke damage can easily overwhelm any business or home owner. That’s why it’s important to call in a professional soot removal service to restore your building to a clean, healthy and safe condition for yourself, your employees, and your family. Soot cleanup is a specialized job. It requires advanced tools, professional know-how and the steady guidance that you get from Restoration Authority. Our experts have what it takes to handle even the toughest smoke, odor and soot removal jobs quickly and effectively, so that you can get back in business.

Cleaning up after a fire involves a lot more than just wiping down the walls and mopping the floors. If soot and smoke removal is going to be effective, it must be comprehensive and complete. That means removing soot from all the places you can see it as well as all the places you can’t. Call Restoration Authority today. We can help with soot removal for homes and businesses

The damage is done. Let the restoration begin.

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