stay safe new years

Keeping customers safe is a top priority for the team at Restoration Authority. As you get ready to ring in the new year and celebrate, here are some recommended tips on how to stay safe:

1Test home smoke alarms on a monthly basis. Especially before you have a big party. Replace batteries if needed.

2If you have overnight guests make sure they know about your family’s fire escape plans.

3Keep pets and children away from lit candles or fire places.

4Stay in the kitchen when cooking, boiling, or frying. Do not leave the stove unattended.

5Ask smokers to smoke outside during your party. Provide deep ashtrays and make sure to wet the cigarette butts before discarding.

6At large celebrations be sure to keep an eye out for possible fire sources. 

7Don’t shoot off fireworks. Leave the fireworks displays to the professionals.

8If you choose to shoot off fireworks, be sure to follow proper safety precautions. Shoot off fireworks in a clear open field with no overhead power lines. 

9Do not let children near any fireworks that are left over. The fireworks could still be active and go off injuring the child.

10Mind the rules. Check your lease or homeowner’s association’s rules about hosting parties or having a gathering on your lawn. 

11Check your coverage. Even a quiet gathering can sometimes lead to an accident, such a guest getting injured or property damage. Contact your home insurance agent to check your liability insurance.

12Be a good neighbor-really. Let your neighbors know in advance that you plan to throw a party or gathering. Exchange phone numbers so they can contact you in case of any issues. Let your guests know where to park and monitor noise and music levels.

13Stay food-safe. Be sure to wash your hands before prepping, keep raw meat away from other foods, cook food to proper temperatures, and keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.1

Alcohol Safety

It’s important to indulge responsibly when it comes to alcohol. If you plan on drinking make sure you do not get behind the wheel of your car intoxicated. Plan to use a designated driver or ride service like Lyft or Uber. It’s also your responsibility to make sure none of your guests drive drunk; don’t be afraid to confiscate their keys if need be.

Firearm Safety

For some it’s a tradition to shoot firearms into the air. This is a bad idea, especially in populated areas. You run the risk of a stray bullet hitting another person causing injury or death.

Party Safety

If you plan on attending a party or heading to the club go with a group of friends you know and trust. While at an event don’t accept a drink from someone you do not know. Make sure to keep an eye on your drink throughout the night. Do not give out your personal information to strangers. This could be dangerous later on down the line.

Fireworks Safety

You may want to ring in the new years with a literal bang, you should never play with fireworks. In many states its illegal to shoot fireworks off without a license. Incorrect handling of explosives could result in serious injury, fire, and even death. It’s much safer to leave the fireworks to the professionals.2

Pet Safety

Keep an eye on the alcohol and other substances. Just one mixed drink can be fatal for a small dog. Be sure to keep any alcoholic substance (chocolates included!) out of reach of pets. Strange and loud noises can frighten pets. Reduce their anxiety by keeping them being closed doors.

All of us at Restoration Authority want to wish you and your family a happy and safe new years as we ring in 2020.