Structural sealing

Different emergencies bring different types of unclean material. Fire brings particles and soot that must be removed to restore the structure to its original intended use. Water damage causes an environment of waste and other foreign matter that can be unclean and unsafe for building occupants. Restoration Authority’s expert service and experience in responding to every different type of emergency situation or disaster ensures that your structure will be cleaned and restored in a quick and effective manner, even when areas of damage are not visible to the naked eye. We can give you back your healthy and habitable work environment or home after structural cleaning.

What is this process?

There is a lot that needs to be done following a fire at your home or business. But right at the top of the list is structure cleaning and remediation. Since fire and smoke can travel throughout a structure, they can affect and damage any component inside. The only way to reverse the effects of that damage is through professional cleaning and remediation.

At Restoration Authority, we train and certify our technicians to clean a structure from top to bottom. Our primary goal is to minimize overall project costs by restoring vs. replacing, while leaving the building odor-free. We want to restore more than your building, we want to restore your way of life back to normal.  Restoration Authority will clean, restore, and eliminate contamination and odors. We use the latest tools to ensure our structure and content cleaning services can be on homes and businesses to large commercial projects

How does structural cleaning help me?

Your furniture, walls, and even flooring can easily be replaced. When the structure of a building is compromised, most people think the only solution is often to tear the building down. Without comprehensive cleaning and remediation following a fire, the damage done to the structure is not fully resolved. The damage can even get worse over time. Cleaning and remediation ensures that a fire does not continue to hurt your property even after the flames have been extinguished. Restoration Authority’s goal is to make your home or business as safe as possible for the future, not just for today.

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