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A a fire can wreak havoc on a building and require significant work to restore it. Restoration Authority works hard to reverse the destruction of a fire and return structures to how they used to be. Structural sealing is a crucial part of that process.

What is structural sealing?

A structural sealer is a coating that blocks stains and prevents the odors from lingering smoke after a fire.

While you might not realize how important sealers are to fire restoration, structural sealing after a fire is a vital part of restoration. It covers damage after cleaning and ensures deodorization.

When combined with effective cleaning and contaminant removal, sealers can be a very effective way to prevent the return of smoke odors or stains. It also serves as a primer for painting. Additionally, the sealer is applied by an airless sprayer or cans.

How will structural sealing help me?

The heat, flames, and uncontrolled combustion of fires lead to the production of a mix of harmful chemicals. These gases, liquids, aerosols and partially-oxidized particles can adhere to surfaces and corrode materials. After the fire is extinguished, toxic odors and emissions can continue to damage the structure.

Odor control

Half of a sealer’s job is to stop the return of unpleasant or harmful odors from smoke and fire-related chemicals. When sealers isolate and bond with settled combustion particles, they hide heat and smoke discoloration and prevent transmission of smoke odors.

Block Stains and Residues

The other half of a sealer’s role is to block the spread of stains and residues. The goal is to keep the decontaminated surface clean and presentable. An effective sealer will prevent unsightly and unwanted stains from spreading. To best hide stains, sealant companies add a white pigment (titanium dioxide).

Sealers are not a cleaning agent in themselves, and they should never be used in an attempt to cover odors or contaminants that should have been treated and removed. Sealers serve to bind surfaces, block pores and prevent the return of odors, stains and additional damage.

Prepare for the future

Finally, smoke damage sealer ensures sustainability of the restored space. Make sure you select a coating that will continue to perform its purpose and hold up over time, protecting the structure from stains, odors and chemicals well into the future and giving the building a long second life.

In conclusion, at Restoration Authority, our goal is to help you go back to living your life after fire damage. Structural sealing is one of the ways we help you. Call today.

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